They danced

The mother danced with her son, and all was right and good. She was my first and only love, the best of who I am and can be.  He was my precious boy, lean and beautiful and vital. It was the day of my birth, my celebration, and I reveled in the joy of a […]

ASD / Aspergers / Autism

Wrapping Up: Making a Difference

In this blog series, I’ve talked about my experience with aspergers, explained in a general sense the physiological causes of autism, and finally, how the symptoms make it difficult for those with ASD to get the help they need. Since discovering I had aspergers in the mid-90’s, my journey has mostly been about putting my […]

ASD / Aspergers / Autism

Ugly Baby Animals – Understanding Autistics

In maybe the least surprising study ever, it was found that even scientists exhibit bias towards research of cute animals. It’s easy to understand — cute animals are easier to care about, and thus, research easier to fund. Who’s easier to love? Baby seals, or the frightening aye-aye? First impressions are often wrong. Hyenas are stereotyped as […]

ASD / Aspergers / Autism

What is Autism? An Insider’s View

Note: This is the second part in a series on Autism. People assume I’m intelligent. It’s like a default setting – Linda is “friendly,” Bob is “assertive,” Chris is “smart.”  I guess it’s the way I carry myself. A few months into my first professional job, I’d earned enough distinction to be assigned an extremely […]

ASD / Aspergers / Autism

Asperger’s, Autism and Me

This is the first in a series of blogs on Autism and Aspergers. I’m writing these from the perspective of someone with Asperger’s, and not as an expert.  I was in my thirties before I heard the word Asperger’s. A few months later, I was certain it accurately described me. You might ask — what does one feel […]

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Of Big Things Coming Soon

I’m pleased to announce that my second novel, Ro and Jules Across Heaven and Hell, will be released in the second quarter of 2017. All your questions are answered below!   Is the novel like your first book? Well, it’s written in English, by me – so kind of. But not a lot. The Tuning Station will […]


Embracing the Odd

This site is undergoing a redesign, thanks to the upcoming release of my new novel, TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON. You might be asking, “why call your website The Oddest Duck?” The answer is pretty simple. THE recurring theme of reviews of The Tuning Station is that it’s a bit unique. I particularly enjoyed one that […]

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Why I wrote The Tuning Station

The Tuning Station has been out for nearly a month now. And while it hasn’t exactly shaken up the world, it has sold slow and steady, and found readers in four countries so far. The reaction, at least from those who have either reviewed the book or contacted me personally, has been satisfying and often humbling. […]