About Me

One of the early reviews of The Tuning Station referred to the book as “an odd duck”. The reviewer was quick to say this was meant as a complement; but honestly, I would’ve taken it as one anyway. Yes, the book is a bit different; in content, in structure, and in genre. And that is a reflection of its author.

I’m used to being a bit different. Intelligent, nerdy, socially awkward, introverted — a reflection of the fact my brain works different from the majority. When theirs veers one way, mine goes the other. What’s obvious to me seems, for others, to come out of left field.

When creating flights of fantasy, this allows me to go places few others think to go. Not purely science, not quite fantasy. Not overtly religious yet seamlessly mixing in ideas of faith. Spock-like rationality blended with emotional depth.

Like any writer, I want to produce works the reader connects with immediately, and stays with them. Who knows if I’ll ever achieve that. What I pledge to write are unique, complex stories with depth of character and theme, accessible to all yet rewarding for those looking for deeper meaning. Stories written from my unique perspective.

Stories written by an odd duck.

The oddest, in fact.

— Chris