06 PM | 05 Oct

So, what’s up with my writing, anyway?

I’ve been horrible about giving updates lately. The last post on my book was a sad-sack response to a silly review nearly six months ago; let me assure you, I haven’t given up or lost hope just yet. The process of getting published is very slow.

It’s one of the best times for writers ever now. With Amazon’s amazing tools and command over the retail selling of ebooks, self-publishing is easier and more potentially profitable than ever. There are also many small, independent publishers springing up, looking for works that appeal to a targeted audience. The traditional model of finding an agent who will market you to the big 5 New York publishing houses is still relevant as well, although not (and never again) at their level of historical dominance. There are enough avenues so that anyone can get published, and if you’ve put together quality work you can find success.

That being said, THE TUNING STATION is a bit of a problem. I’ve targeted agents and heard nothing back. I’ve also sent the book to eight smaller publishers, of whom three have responded: “great, well-written book, but it’s not something we can target to our audience.” I seem to be in a chasm of too Christian for the mainstream, and not Christian enough for the Christian genres. There is almost certainly a publisher out there for me, but how long will it take to find it? And will it be better than self-publishing, anyway, where I’d earn more than twice the percentage per copy sold?

So, here’s my plan. I’m still waiting on responses from a few agents and four publishing companies; I’m letting them percolate through the end of the year (agents and publishers are being inundated these days, it can take six weeks to three months for them to consider your novel and you might not hear a peep from them if they pass). If I hear nothing, I start the self-publishing process in January; seek an editor and a cover designer, make the final round of edits, and put the book out on Amazon, B&N and a print-on-demand solution. No matter what THE TUNING STATION will be available in 2015.

I’m also undergoing a second round of beta readers. I should hear from the in the next few weeks. I need the book to be as polished as possible, especially if there is no intermediary between myself and the public.

Finally, I’ve started my second novel! It’s much different from my first, a fast-paced adventure targeted towards a Young Adult audience. I can’t give a lot away, but the elevator pitch is:

“Two young lovers from rival families, in a breathless search for each other through heaven and hell.”

…but it’s quite a bit more than that. A sci-fi/fantasy mixture of Romeo & Juliet, Tesla vs. Edison with a touch of Riverworld. I’m only 5K words in and excited to see where it goes.


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