01 AM | 08 Dec

Yes, I’m Still Writing a Novel

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog. Rest assured, my silence has not been due to an absence of activity, but of a lack of time. Having to make a choice between writing on my blog vs. writing my novel, the latter always won.

The good news is I’ve finished the first manuscript! In fact, I finished it in September. The final count was 110,000 words or roughly 300 paperback pages. When I typed “the end”, it was a feeling of incredible accomplishment; one of the things I’m most proud of. I’ll be even prouder when it’s all done.

Since that time I took some weeks off, joined a Writer’s Group, read my book cover to cover for the first time, and started the editing process. Reading was a bit humbling; while I am happy with the overall structure, it needs a lot of work. I’ve completed about 20% towards the second manuscript, and there’s a lot more to be done. I’ve already pared it down to 105K words, anticipating next version will be around 90-100K.

I’m not quite ready to reveal much about the book; I’d rather wait until I start dealing with marketing issues which should come after the second manuscript is complete. I can say this much, though: The name of the book is “The Tuning Station”, and its genre is “spiritual speculative fiction”.

What next? Well, first I’ll finish editing the thing. Then, hand it off to a selected set of beta readers (hopefully some of my writing group plus a targeted group of others who specialize in different subjects). I’ll start marketing, make edits based on beta reader response, ship it off to a professional editor for cleanup, and seek an agent/publisher or decide to self publish.

That all sounds so easy when you stuff it into one paragraph. The release date is unknown, though I can’t imagine it’ll be earlier than the summer.


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