01 AM | 18 Jul

Writing update 7/17/13 – Over the last hump

When I envisioned my novel, the first two things I envisioned were the prologue and epilogue. I knew where the main character was going to start from and where he was going to end up, the only question was how would he get there? As I started writing and planning, eventually about two thirds of the book were obvious. The other third was a nebulous section in the middle, where I knew what themes needed to be explored and what the character would have to go through, but had no idea about the actual mechanisms. I deferred these until later, opting to write what I did know, and eventually I reached the first of these unknown scenes. I fought through each one, taking as much time as needed to think through them. The last may have been the toughest. The first week of the sprint I still had no idea what the scene would entail. Rather than writing, I researched, and even bought a relevant book to read through to give me  inspiration. It worked, and the final weekend of the sprint I put out nearly 10,000 words, and a scene that I really like.

The rest of my book is clear in my mind. I have each scene spec’d out to the point where I can just write with no uncertainty. It’s not that they won’t be challenging (I am going to have to write some poetry, for goodness sake!), but at least all the factors are under my control. It should be downhill from here. I’m sitting now at just under 70,000 words, and anticipating about 40-50,000 more. Amazing to think that it’s theoretically possible I could be finished in just over a month with the first draft!

Since I don’t need to devote so much time to building scenes, I find my mind wandering towards other things. How will I market the book? What genre is it really? Traditional publishing or self-published? Cover art? Who do I want to approach about being a ‘beta reader’? Too many things to answer right now, I just need to finish. I’m feeling really good about my progress.

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